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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Hardships of Selling Online!

It is so hard to sale anything anywhere and online is no exception! The economy is down, but I am optimistic that we will pull through. Everybody is saving what money they do have for what may lie ahead. I understand that, but if all the people saved every penny that they had we would have no economy. You have to spend money for there to be growth. Without customers a business will not grow and prosper, and the same goes for the big picture. Buying online is one way to save some money. You can get great deals at There is always a sale going on. We have rushes up to 50% off on items. Who wants to miss a sale like that. You can check out my items at Jessica's Boutique!

You have to buy inventory, and then you have to take pictures, and make sure they are good pictures. Then you have to list your item, with a description that states any flaws that the item may have. You have to research your item for pricing, and popularity (which you should do before you purchase the item for resale).  The best part is when you see that item sold on your listing. You excited, and hope that when the customer gets their item that they love it. I strive for complete customer satisfaction. I will do anything in my power to make my customers happy. It is a hardship to sale online when you are not getting sales, but it is a wonderful feeling when you are saleing item. I absolutley love it.

I am sorry if this post is not that good. I am not all that good at putting thoughts down in words, but at least I do try! LOL!

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