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Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Lucky Puppy!


This is Lucky! He had a total of 10 brothers and sisters. He is now 9 weeks old!

On February 13th 2011 my lab named Daisy had 11 puppies. Within the course of one week we lost 3 of them. Two she layed on, and one was the runt that didn’t get enough to eat.

About 3 weeks ago my daddy got the one that he want to keep, the only white one in the bunch. Thank god he did, because the puppies ended up getting parvo. We lost a total  of 6 puppies to parvo. Lucky is the only one that I was able to save. I had to force him to drink. I couldn’t get him to eat, but I did keep him hydrated. It was so sad. The puppies looked so pitiful. I tried to save them all, but  I could not. I wasn’t going to keep any of the puppies, because we have enough dogs. But, after saving his life, I can not give him up. I have grown attached to him. He is such a loveable puppy. I named him Lucky because he is so lucky to be alive.

I just had to share this little story of a miracle puppy, that is now almost like my baby. He will always be by my side.  You can see what I do during the day at


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  2. I'm so sorry you lost your puppies. My sister just lost her puppy to Parvo too!
    It must be puppy season as we have a new little one in our house too. She's been stealing other people's things all day. (Like shoes, Kleenex, etc.)


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