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Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Yard Sale is now Jessica's Boutique!

I wanted to let all of my followers know that My Yard Sale is now Jessica's Boutique!  I think that Jessica's Boutique sounds more professional. Also lower prices on select items. New items are frequently being added! I am new to this blogging experience and would like my readers to leave me a comment on how I am doing and what I can do to improve upon this blog! It is a learning process just like everything else in our lives. We live and we learn from our successes and our failures. The one who gets ahead in life learns from his mistakes, not repeats them! We are a product of the lives we live, it is what makes us who we are. Follow my blog for the latest updates on Jessica's Boutique, and great deals and promotions.
Stay tuned for my next post!


  1. Hey, can I add a link to your blog to my Bonanza user page on my blog?

    Blog looks great! Lots of luck with it! Come take a look at mine!

  2. Yes you can and I will follow your blog


Thanks for your comment!