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Sunday, March 20, 2011

I love Yard Sales!

    I really love to go to yard sales, you never know what you might find! You have to really look, and you may not go home with any potential products to sale, but you still get to have fun. First thing you need to do is look in your local newpaper or weekly shopper, and there are losts of ads for yard sales, garage sales, and estate sales. There are lots of things that alot of people just want to get rid of and you can get really good prices.
    One time I went to a yard sale, and they were waiting for someone to come and pick up everything that they had not sold.  When my husband and I got out of the car, "The lady said take whatever you want." I was shocked! I said, "You mean it's free?" She said, "Yes, everything, we're done." So we proceeded to getting the items that we wanted. We had a trunk full. I couldn't just take all that stuff without offering them a little bit of money at least, so I offered her $5.00. She told me not to worry about it, but I just kinda felt bad. In the end she took the $5.00, and my husband moved some furniture that was waiting for it's new owner to pick up, under the carport. That was a really great experience.
    I once found a pair of Docker capri's with tags for $1.00 (Whata Great Deal).
To see some of my treasures that I have found at yard sales check out my booth on Bonanza. It is called My Yard Sale. I will also be adding alot more items in the near future. I also have a store called Jessica's Shop, go check it out! Stay tuned for other posts! They will come!

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